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Celebrating Commercial Development Resources’ Recent Growth and Team Expansion


In an era of rapidly evolving industries, companies that stand out are those that can adapt, innovate, and thrive. Commercial Development Resources has exemplified this by continuing to showcase remarkable growth, especially over the last six months.

Not only has CDR expanded its team with the addition of eight talented individuals, but it has also achieved the prestigious “Best Firm to Work For” award as well as several other awards delegated by the Zweig Group this year. Let’s take a closer look at the recent developments within CDR and their implications for the company’s trajectory moving forward.

“The expansion and new hiring process have been rewarding. I have truly enjoyed meeting and interviewing the next generation of civil engineers. We interviewed engineers from all over the US and the world,” reflected Aaron Albertson, Principal at CDR. “I feel we have found the best candidates to help CDR grow and serve our clients. I am finding the most rewarding part of being a Principal Engineer is mentoring and watching our team members succeed in their profession.”

Continuous Growth and Innovation:

CDR has always been at the forefront of the civil engineering sector, pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering top-notch solutions to their clients. In the past six months, the company has seen substantial growth. The decision to hire eight new employees is a testament to CDR’s commitment to excellence and its readiness to take on more projects, furthering its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner.

Talent Acquisition and Team Expansion:

The eight new team members that CDR recently brought on board bring unique skill sets and experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s ongoing success. This expansion allows CDR to tackle a broader range of projects and meet the growing demands of its clients.

The company’s new hires span various roles, from experienced civil engineers to fresh graduates who are eager to learn and contribute to CDR’s vision. This diversity within the team showcases CDR’s dedication to fostering talent and ensuring a dynamic and innovative workforce.

Building Success by Celebrating CDR’s Diversity:

The heart and driving force of CDR’s success are the team members. The team member diversity comes in several different ways. Engineering historically has been a male-dominated industry; however, CDR has a 50/50 gender balance. The geographical diversity is amazing, there are team members that represent three different continents, as well as hometowns from all over the USA. The diversity does not stop there, there are team members representing many different ethnic groups. All this diversity is celebrated and leveraged at CDR to create a collaborative, unique, and stimulating work environment. (This is CDR’s secret sauce!)

Award-Winning Workplace Culture:

CDR’s recognition by the Zweig Group as the “Best Firm to Work For” showcases the company’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment. This prestigious award highlights the company’s dedication to its employees’ well-being and professional development.

The Zweig Group, a well-respected organization in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction, evaluates firms based on criteria such as workplace culture, employee benefits, professional growth opportunities, and overall satisfaction.

Future Prospects:

With the recent expansion in personnel and the recognition of its outstanding workplace culture, CDR is well-positioned for a promising future. The company’s capability to take on a broader spectrum of projects, its commitment to innovation, and its nurturing work environment set the stage for continued success.

As CDR continues to grow and evolve, it is certain to remain a leader in the civil engineering sector. The new talent on board will facilitate the exploration of new avenues and the development of groundbreaking solutions for their clients.

CDR’s recent growth and recognition by the Zweig Group as the “Best Firm to Work For” are clear indicators of its commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction. As the company expands its team and welcomes fresh talent, it strengthens its position as a leader in the civil engineering industry. The future holds great promise for CDR, with the company poised to embark on exciting new projects, break new ground in the industry, and maintain its status as a top-tier employer.