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Landscape Architecture

Transform your ideas into reality with our expert landscape architecture services.

Landscape architecture services work to enhance the overall quality, sustainability, and usability of outdoor spaces while complementing the built environment. Led by Director of Landscape Architecture, Brandon Hanna, our team considers it an honor and a privilege to do the work we do. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Crafting breathtaking outdoor spaces is an art, and we are your seasoned guides through this intricate process. We don’t just design spaces; we cultivate environments that stand the test of time.

Engage us early to streamline the processes and avoid costly delays.

By integrating landscape architecture into its suite of civil engineering design, stormwater management, and dry utility services, our team is able to streamline collaboration resulting in more cohesive and innovative design solutions. Clients benefit from a unified approach that addresses both the technical and aesthetic aspects of their projects, resulting in well-designed, sustainable, and visually appealing spaces.

Enhance the Landscape

From meticulous plant selection and sustainable irrigation systems to innovative design solutions, we specialize in creating environments that harmonize with nature and elevate aesthetics. We are committed to ensuring that your landscape looks amazing, and thrives for years to come.


Streamlined Agency Approval

We understand the complexities of agency submittals and create our designs in accordance with local codes.

Our team has extensive experience meeting the diverse requirements of different agencies, streamlining the approval process for your projects.

Versatile Project Expertise

With a proven track record across diverse project sectors, including office campuses, multifamily developments, community parks, auto dealerships, hospitality venues, industrial sites, and streetscapes, we bring the necessary expertise to navigate the unique demands of every project.

Seamless Coordination

Our landscape architecture team collaborates with multi-discipline design teams from concept through construction, ensuring a cohesive approach. With in-house services, we enhance outdoor spaces comprehensively, striving to achieve project goals while harmonizing with the design team.

How do I reduce my landscape water usage?

Our landscape architects specialize in water-efficient designs, utilizing sustainable practices like water wise landscaping & weather based irrigation control systems to minimize water consumption while maximizing aesthetic appeal.

To find out more in depth information check out our blog post on Water Conservation in Landscape Architecture.

Will you work with other design teams or independently?

Our Landscape Architecture department is versatile, capable of collaborating with existing design teams or working independently to bring your vision to life. Whether you already have a design team assembled or require our expertise as standalone consultants, we’re prepared to seamlessly integrate into your project. Our priority is to ensure that your landscape objectives are met efficiently and with the highest standards of creativity and professionalism.

What is the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO), and how does it affect my project?

As licensed Landscape Architects in California, we will help clarify the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) and its implications for your project. MWELO, mandated by local agencies, emphasizes water-efficient landscaping practices tailored to each region’s water budget. Our expertise lies in crafting landscape designs that adhere to MWELO standards, incorporating regionally suitable plant selections and efficient irrigation systems. We handle the intricate process of preparing and submitting the required documentation to local agencies for approval, ensuring your project aligns with regulatory requirements and contributes to sustainable water management practices.

Commercial Development Resources Brandon Hanna Director of Landscape Architecture Costa Mesa CA

Brandon Hanna

Director of landscape architecture

Brandon Hanna is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience contributing to diverse projects, encompassing both ground-up and renovation endeavors. A licensed landscape architect in California, Arizona, and Nevada, Brandon aligns his skills with CDR’s expanding projects in these states, with plans for further licensure in additional regions where the company operates.


His dedication to construction administration and on-site involvement highlights his commitment to ensuring that projects come to life as envisioned by clients. Licensed to practice landscape architecture in California, Arizona, and Nevada, Brandon’s expertise aligns with CDR’s expanding projects in these states, with plans for further licensure in additional regions where the company operates.


CDR's Landscape architecture services are licensed in ca, az & nv.

Landscape Architecture Services

Our Landscape Architecture team has experience with projects from numerous sectors and types from initial design through construction. We work with the client to achieve the desired design goals and collaborate with the design team to ensure those goals are met.


  • Office campus & individual buildings
  • Community parks / dog parks
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Hospitality – Restaurants, Hotels, Retail
  • Industrial
  • Streetscape


  • Multifamily – apartment complexes

Various Project Types

  • Ground Up / Renovation
  • Design Build
  • On Grade / Over Structure (Podium Level)
  • Solution-Based
  • Landscape, Hardscape & Site Amenity Design
  • Water Savings / Reduction

Concept Design / Planning & Entitlement

In this phase, we prepare preliminary site plans for planting, hardscape, and site amenities. These plans are often submitted to local agencies for entitlement review and approvals.

  • Site Inventory and analysis
  • Existing conditions and demolition Plans
  • Concept plans
  • Landscape design
  • Hardscape design
  • Preliminary MWELO irrigation plans
Commercial Development Resources Landscape Architecture Services Costa Mesa CA Concept Design Planning and Entitlement

Construction Documents

We further develop the concept design into construction documents for bidding and agency submittals.  Licensed in California, Nevada, and Arizona, we prepare plans for agency review and approval to obtain building permits.

  • Existing conditions and demolition plans
  • Construction plans and details
  • Planting plans and details
  • Irrigation plans and details
  • MWELO compliant planting and irrigation plans
Commercial Development Resources Landscape Architecture Services Costa Mesa CA Construction Documents

Construction Administration & Observation

CA&O is an important service to ensure the project gets built per plan.  Involvement during construction allows us a chance to make any necessary adjustments based on unforeseen or field conditions. Often the CA&O scope is overlooked, and this leads to the contractor making design decisions. When a discrepancy or unforeseen condition arises, we can work with the contractor and client to provide a solution to ensure the design intent remains in place and the construction schedule does not get held up.

We review submittals for the various plant materials to ensure that upon installation, they are healthy and up to par with industry standards and client expectations.

  • Bidding assistance
  • RFIs
  • Review submittals for plant material, landscape, hardscape elements
  • Review shop drawings
  • Field and punch walks
  • Review planting and hardscape layouts
Commercial Development Resources Landscape Architecture Services Costa Mesa CA Construction Administration and Observation