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Dry Utilities

Don’t let Dry Utility obstacles stand in the way of your project’s success.

Navigating the utility industry is an arduous task requiring relentless pursuit and a tremendous investment of time to keep multiple utilities on schedule. Consider us your guide through the process. 

In this arena experience matters. With more than 40 years of combined experience with local public and private utility companies in Southern California, our team has established relationships with key contacts that know and trust us.

Engage us early to streamline the processes and avoid costly delays.

Applicant demand is high, and utility companies are struggling to keep up. We can help. With years of experience with local public and private utility companies in Southern California, we have established relationships with key contacts that know and trust us. We specialize in guiding our clients through the complex processes of this industry.

40+ years of experience

When you work with us, you are working directly with either the Principal or the Senior Project Manager. We team up on every project we’re working on.

We speak the language.

Let us translate! Communication with the various utility companies can be confusing and complicated. We know the forms, the abbreviations they use, and what they need from you.

Time is money

We will work with you to navigate through the process by helping you prepare the necessary documentation, mapping out the next steps clearly, and walking you through them.

Integrity is key

We know you want it done now! We work hard, using our experience and knowledge to push things forward, but if delays happen, you will be the first to know. We will not make false promises.

How fast can you get this done?

Each project is unique. Integrity is key, and we pride ourselves on transparency. We’re not afraid to deliver the true schedules, or to deliver “bad news.” We stand by our policy to be upfront and honest early on and throughout the process keeping everyone updated on where timelines stand so that you can plan appropriately.

Why should we work with you?

Experience and integrity. When you work with us, you’re working directly with either the Director or the Senior Project Manager. We team up on every project we’re working on. That’s 40+ years’ worth of experience to help you navigate through the process. In this complex and ever-changing industry, there are things that a newer, less experienced project manager might not catch. As Director of Dry Utility Services, Eddie Pablos explains, “Between the two of us, we haven’t seen it all, but we have certainly seen a lot.”

How do we get started?

We can start working with you at the early conceptual stages, or you can contact us when you have a site plan and a general idea for the site. We get involved as early as the due diligence stage answering questions like,  “What issues associated with dry utilities are we going to encounter when we develop the site?” We can tell you from very early on what the requirements are going to be from the utilities so you can plan around them during the process.

When should we engage your services?

Get a Dry Utility Consultant involved in your project as early as you can during the planning and the schematic design phases so that we can identify any impending issues. We can help identify potential conflicts with the existing dry utility facilities up front so the project design team can plan accordingly.

Eddie Pablos

Director of Dry Utility Services

Eddie Pablos is a true expert in his field, boasting over two decades of experience in managing public dry utility projects with developers, cities, civil engineers, and more.

A graduate of Alliant International University, Eddie has earned his Bachelor of Science in International Business and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Redlands. Prior to joining CDR, Eddie served as Senior Project Manager at a large utility design firm, Butsko Utility Design, Inc., an NV5 company. From large master-planned communities and major commercial and logistics centers to municipal improvement projects, Eddie has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Leanna Thrane

Senior Project Manager

Leanna Thrane is an excellent resource, and extremely knowledgeable, having served as Project Manager for a large utility design firm, Butsko Utility Design Inc., an NV5 company, for nearly 18 years.

She is highly skilled in communication and prides herself on bridging the gap between clients, contractors, and utility personnel to ensure each project is completed on schedule and according to the specifications desired. Her drive to ensure client satisfaction and high-quality results is a valued asset to the Project Management Team.

Dry Utility Management & Coordination Services

  • Relocation of existing facilities
  • Undergrounding existing overhead utility lines
  • Design management and coordination
  • Due diligence packages
  • Pre-construction
  • Non-interference letters
  • Existing service removals
  • Associated construction coordination