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Advancing Stormwater Management: Exploring Permavoid Technology

Stormwater Management ABT Permavoid Tech

Advancing Stormwater Management: Exploring Permavoid Technology Dive deep into the world of stormwater management with Permavoid technology, a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes how we handle stormwater, from biofiltration soils to capillary action delivery. Learn how Permavoid is transforming the landscape of sustainable water management. Understanding Stormwater Management The Importance of Effective Stormwater Management Effective stormwater […]

WQMP: Protecting Waterways from Urban Runoff

WQMP Commercial Development Resources WQMP Commercial Development Resources California Water Lake Murray

“Our primary objective when designing stormwater management systems is to ensure cost-effectiveness for our clients while simultaneously satisfying permit requirements,” said Hannah Lancaster, P.E., Project Manager at CDR. “We always focus on providing the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. Our priority is to provide practical and affordable solutions that meet the specific needs of […]

Navigating The Entitlement Process


Don’t let entitlement proceedings catch you by surprise. Mitigate risk by making sure that you know how the process works. The entitlement process focuses on the structures intended use, aesthetic design, and adherence to an overall city plan. California is home to some of the most rigorous and inflexible entitlement planning regulations and codes in […]