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MWELO in Commercial Development

Commercial Development Resources MWELO Landscape Architecture Costa Mesa CA

Understanding Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) As the demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible development grows, commercial developers are increasingly required to incorporate water-efficient MWELO practices into their projects. According to a 2022 State Rankings Scorecard released by the Alliance for Water Efficiency, California, Texas, and Arizona were recognized as the leading states in […]

The Role of Civil Engineers in ADA Compliance: Shaping Accessible Environments

Commercial Development Resources ADA Compliance Costa Mesa CA

This article examines the pivotal role of civil engineers in ADA compliance. Discover the profound impact these professionals have on an adaptive user experience through site design, coordinated considerations, and innovations. The Core of ADA Compliance: Site Design and Coordinated Considerations ADA compliance, a federal and state legal mandate, places civil engineers at the forefront […]

Building Bonds Beyond Blueprints – A Journey to Point Reyes

Commercial Development Resources Team Building Point Reyes Costa Mesa CA

Building Bonds Beyond Blueprints – A Journey To Point Reyes Join CDR on an exhilarating journey to Point Reyes, where hard work and camaraderie converge in their annual off-site team-building adventure. Team-building is an essential component of any successful company, fostering a sense of camaraderie, trust, and unity among employees. At Commercial Development Resources, they […]

Commercial Development Resources Partners with AutoNation to Complete One of the Largest Service Centers in the United States

CDR Commercial Development Resources Mercedes Benz Service Center

Commercial Development Resources worked with AutoNation to complete one of North America’s largest automotive service centers and parking structures, the House of Imports Mercedes-Benz located in Buena Park, CA. Costa Mesa, CA – December 19, 2022 – Commercial Development Resources (CDR), California’s premier civil engineering land development firm, announced today the company has completed a […]

CDR & Goree Whitfield Support Black Tie Fundraiser Honoring Paul Rusnak

CDR Commercial Development Resources fundraiser

CDR teams up with Goree Whitfield to support the USC Arcadia Hospital Foundation’s 33rd annual Crystal Ball Fundraiser in Pasadena, CA. CDR is proud to support the 2022 Crystal Ball, a black-tie event planned for Saturday, November 5th at the Pasadena Convention Center. This event will honor Paul Rusnak for his continued charitable support of […]

Four Dry Utility Pitfalls to Avoid

dry utility

Dry Utility mistakes can be costly. Be sure to avoid these four common Dry Utility pitfalls during project planning! With strict timelines and target energizing dates, Dry Utilities are often a point of contention during a land development project. There are a number of variables reliant on the utility companies, so it is critical to […]

Hannah Lancaster: Licensed Professional Engineer

professional engineer

Costa Mesa, CA – June 6 – Commercial Development Resources (CDR), a premier Southern California civil engineering firm with a focus on private land development in the commercial sector, today announced that Stormwater & Design Engineer, Hannah Lancaster, P.E. was recently licensed as a professional engineer in the state of California. Prior to her current […]