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House of Imports Mercedes Benz

6862 Auto Center Drive, Buena Park, CA 90621

Owner: AutoNation

Architect: Sparc+

Building Sq. Ft.: 240,100

Parcel Size: 7.2 acres

Civil Scope of Work

  • ALTA Survey
  • Lot Line Adjustment
  • Lot Merger
  • Conditional Use Permit Approval
  • Onsite Grading Plans
  • Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP)
  • Hydrology & Hydraulic (H&H) Report
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Underground Fire Improvement Plan
  • Water & Sewer Improvement Plans
  • Construction Administration

“Mercedes Benz House of Imports was a very complex project and a part of a master plan involving all AutoNation’s dealerships and remote properties in Buena Park. It was a big piece of a larger puzzle. To add further complication this project was permitted and entitled during the pandemic with construction commencing after lockdown restrictions started to ease. Everyone in the industry knows the post-pandemic hurdles faced such as labor and material shortages, and rapidly escalating costs.

To help traverse these compounded complexities, a top-tier team was needed for permitting and entitlements, site development, utilities, and construction. I needed a team that could act fast, think divergently, and navigate the difficult and sometimes abstruse processes of the various municipalities involved. Along with Sparc+, RSI, Lusardi Construction, Air and Lube Systems, and others, CDR played an integral role that included Civil Engineering, utility planning, and coordination which made the project a success!”

Cliff Powell Director of Construction and DevelopmentAutoNation