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Day Trip to Catalina Island


Did you know the Catalina Island Airport is only a twelve minute flight from John Wayne Airport in Orange County? Neither did any of us at CDR!  Team CDR had the cool opportunity to fly from John Wayne to The Airport in the Sky on Catalina Island for a cheeseburger at the DC-3 Grill.  For most of us, it was the first time in a small private plane.  Mario Lomeli, a plane enthusiast since a young age, got a chance to sit copilot and hold the yoke.  Mario said he has dreamed of flying since he was young. “To finally get to sit in the cockpit and control the yoke was an out of body experience. I am looking forward to getting my pilot’s license,”  he said. It was a clear and sunny day with a cruising altitude 5,000 feet.  The birds eye view of the cargo ships stacked up like cord wood waiting to offload in the Port of Long Beach was quite a sight to see. A flyover of the Wrigley Ranch along with a quick history lesson regarding how the Wrigley family came to own the island and bring the first buffalo was California gold (RIP Huell Howser). 


CDR gets the opportunity to work and collaborate with many fantastic companies and people in the land development profession. United Contractors is one of those fantastic companies CDR has worked with for more than a decade.  Special thanks to Captain Matt “Maverick” Menlove, Co-Owner of United Contractors, for getting Team CDR there and back safely.