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Meet Brandon Hanna: Director of Landscape Architecture


Meet Brandon Hanna, the newest addition to Commercial Development Resources (CDR), bringing over 20 years of experience as a landscape architect. With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors and a passion for outdoor adventures, Brandon’s specialized expertise and experience promise to enhance CDR’s suite of services.

Commercial Development Resources Brandon Hanna Director of Landscape Architecture Costa Mesa CA

CDR proudly introduces its newest team member, Brandon Hanna, an experienced landscape architect with a Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture from West Virginia University. Brandon brings a wealth of experience acquired over two decades, spanning various sectors, including office, multi-family, industrial, residential, parks, retail, and auto dealerships.

“We’re excited to have a landscape architect under the CDR umbrella,” commented Aaron Albertson, principal at CDR.  “Providing this new service to our clients will ultimately allow us to deliver a more streamlined and complete package that will result in more timely and successful projects.”

With a diverse portfolio, Brandon has successfully contributed to both ground-up and renovation projects, showcasing his versatility in project scopes ranging from exclusive landscape architecture assignments to collaborative roles in multi-disciplinary design teams. His dedication to construction administration and on-site involvement highlights his commitment to ensuring that projects come to life as envisioned by clients.

Licensed to practice landscape architecture in California, Arizona, and Nevada, Brandon’s expertise aligns with CDR’s expanding projects in these states, with plans for further licensure in additional regions where the company operates.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brandon remains a devoted fan of his hometown sports teams, despite his 17 years of experience working and living in California. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys mountain biking, hiking local trails, and kayaking in the ocean. Traveling and exploring new areas are passions he shares with his wife, AiYi.

Reflecting on his decision to join CDR, Brandon looks forward to integrating landscape architecture with the civil team. “I am excited to join the CDR team! This is a unique opportunity to bring landscape architecture into the mix and collaborate in-house with the civil team on site development projects,” he shares. “I believe that through our collaboration, we will gain a deeper understanding of each other’s objectives and challenges, facilitating smoother cooperation in delivering all required services while also ensuring the realization of an aesthetically pleasing landscape design.”

CDR is thrilled to welcome Brandon Hanna to the team, confident that his passion, expertise, and collaborative spirit will contribute to the continued success and innovation of the company.

For more information about Brandon Hanna and CDR’s landscape architecture services, please visit the CDR website or reach out to schedule a consultation.