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Meet Meghan Meek: Operations Manager


Operations Manager CDR Commercial Development Resources Costa Mesa Meghan Meek

Meet Meghan Meek: A Journey Beyond Numbers

Meghan Meek is all things non-engineering at Commercial Development Resources. With a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Phoenix, she started her career at CDR three years ago in accounting handling all the financials, and grew into her current operational role. As operations manager, she “wears a lot of hats” within the office, but it may be surprising to learn that she also dons a chef’s hat in her off-hours preparing delicacies for her family and friends. Her love of cooking led her to pursue a degree in the culinary arts, which she received from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena!

Driving Operational Excellence at CDR

During her tenure at CDR, Meghan has spearheaded several meaningful projects on the operations side of the business. One was integrating the financial systems with software, allowing for more visibility on progress and cost versus time management.

Empowering Teams Through Mentorship Initiatives

Another major initiative that Meghan contributed to was the implementation of a coaching system. This system created a space for employees to view and discuss their strengths and weaknesses while providing mentorship and opportunities to focus and improve their abilities. CDR prioritizes the professional development of its employees and is well known for upholding a strong team culture. Initiatives like this mentorship program are why CDR was recently recognized as one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by the Zweig Group.

“I love accounting and I love being part of the team,” stated Meghan, “Being an operations manager allows me to do both.”

A Principal’s Perspective: Meghan’s Impact on CDR

“CDR is blessed to have Meghan leading our Accounting and Human Resources as operations manager,” said Aaron Albertson, principal at CDR. “Watching and taking part in Meghan’s professional growth over the last three years has been very impressive. She has shown initiative in spearheading several valuable programs that have undoubtedly contributed to our team culture, and the professional development of many of our staff.”

Balancing Roots and Growth: Meghan’s Pursuit of Challenges

Born and raised in Newport Beach, Meghan stayed close to her roots as an adult, and she and her husband are now raising their 5-year-old daughter in the same town where she grew up. Aside from her culinary interests, Meghan also enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, spending time outdoors, traveling, and being active. She continuously strives to push herself mentally and physically; most recently challenging her teammates to join her in supporting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation by running the 5k Grit Series in Newport Coast, CA. Meghan finished in the top 20 overall amongst all entries, and as team captain, inspired her teammates to finish with improved times from last year’s participation.

When reflecting on her time at CDR, Meghan shared that the experience has been transformative, revealing insights into her own capabilities. She highlighted the team-building trips as a prime example, recalling her surprise in discovering her affinity for white river rafting. This experience symbolizes the profound impact of CDR’s commitment to adventure and exploration, fostering not only personal growth but also meaningful connections within the team.

Transformative Experience at CDR: Insights and Growth

“CDR’s commitment to growth, both professionally and socially provides opportunities to learn, excel, and connect with an exceptional group of individuals,” said Meghan. “CDR invests in more than your career. With team bonding trips and various professional mentors, there is always something more to learn and available avenues to better yourself and the team.”