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WSS Inglewood

CDR Commended for Delivery of a Thoughtful Design Amongst Several Design Hurdles

“Aaron, this is Ken Watson with the City of Inglewood Public Works Department. I was just calling to congratulate you on a job well done ...
Wastewater Site Plan

Streamlining the Stormwater Permitting and Application Process

CDR has an excellent history of achieving timely permit approvals, understanding that if the overall plan is communicated well on the exhibit, the city will ...
CDR stormwater management

Cost-Effective Design of Stormwater Management Systems

CDR’s proprietary design methodology for stormwater management systems and expertise with the complex permitting process saves clients time and money both during and after construction.
CDR Catalina Island

Day Trip to Catalina Island

Team CDR took a day trip to Catalina Island aboard a small private plane piloted by Captain Matt “Maverick” Menlove of United Contractors.
Cerritos Lexus

Cerritos Lexus Inventory Storage Lot

Cerritos Lexus Inventory Storage Lot As the pre-COVID inventories bulged and now as the auto industry prepares for the post-COVID car manufacturing/sales surge, auto dealerships ...
Hannah Lancaster

Meet Hannah Lancaster

Meet Hannah Lancaster: Stormwater & Design Engineer CDR would like to recognize Hannah Lancaster for her commitment to excellence and her commendable work as a ...