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Water Conservation: Smart Landscaping for Sustainability

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Water Conservation: Smart Landscaping for Sustainability Water conservation is essential for both financial savings and environmental sustainability. By implementing strategies to save water in landscaping, developers and property managers can reduce their environmental impact and lower the costs of water treatment and distribution. Adopting water-saving practices not only conserves water resources but also helps to […]

WQMP: Protecting Waterways from Urban Runoff

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“Our primary objective when designing stormwater management systems is to ensure cost-effectiveness for our clients while simultaneously satisfying permit requirements,” said Hannah Lancaster, P.E., Project Manager at CDR. “We always focus on providing the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. Our priority is to provide practical and affordable solutions that meet the specific needs of […]

Identifying Common Off-Site Improvement Requirements

off-site improvements

Don’t be caught by surprise! These are the types of costly public off-site improvements you may be expected to take on within your project scope. Picture this. Your team has identified the perfect land development site. All the elements for success seem to be in place, and you have taken the proper steps to begin […]