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Brad Sheelor

Associate Engineer

Born and raised in Southern California, Brad graduated from Texas A&M University at Galveston with a B.S. in Offshore and Coastal Systems Engineering before returning back to the West Coast. One of Brad’s favorite projects he worked on while in school was his Senior Design Capstone project, where he and his team designed and modeled an offshore desalination barge intended for hurricane relief purposes. This barge had the capability of converting sea water into drinking water and was powered by the sun with onboard solar panels.

Before joining CDR, Brad worked as a Superintendent for SSA Marine and a Field Engineer for Innovative Consultants, bringing a wide variety of engineering tools and resources to our team. Outside of work, he enjoys going to the beach, longboarding, playing volleyball, hiking local trails, weightlifting, and exercising. He has a very competitive mindset and tries to stay active every single day.