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Reece Lacour

Associate Engineer

Reece Lacour is an honorary alumnus of Howard University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering. With a strong academic background, Reece developed expertise in water resources, on-site research, and engineering applications.

Reece‘s professional experience includes serving as a Research Associate at DC Water, the world’s largest wastewater plant, where he played a pivotal role in managing the functionality of a secondary pilot system. He also interned at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, conducting laboratory work for a Ph.D. student. Actively pursuing his E.I.T. certification, Reece is dedicated to continuous professional growth. 

As Reece joins the CDR team, he looks forward to learning new engineering formalities from his colleagues and actively engaging in on-site visits. Outside of work, Reece‘s interests include collecting vinyl records, building intricate Lego creations, and maintaining an active lifestyle.