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EV Charging in Land Development Projects

Commercial Development Resources EV Charging Dry Utility Consultants Costa Mesa CA

Integrating EV Charging Stations into Land Development Projects More and more electric vehicles are on the road each year, which creates a pressing need for infrastructure to support these vehicles, particularly EV charging stations. Incorporating charging stations into a land development project requires collaboration between the development team, civil engineers, dry utility consultants, and the […]

Water Conservation: Smart Landscaping for Sustainability

Commercial Development Resources water conservation landscape architecture Costa Mesa CA Concept Design Planning and Entitlement

Water Conservation: Smart Landscaping for Sustainability Water conservation is essential for both financial savings and environmental sustainability. By implementing strategies to save water in landscaping, developers and property managers can reduce their environmental impact and lower the costs of water treatment and distribution. Adopting water-saving practices not only conserves water resources but also helps to […]

The Role of Civil Engineers in ADA Compliance: Shaping Accessible Environments

Commercial Development Resources ADA Compliance Costa Mesa CA

This article examines the pivotal role of civil engineers in ADA compliance. Discover the profound impact these professionals have on an adaptive user experience through site design, coordinated considerations, and innovations. The Core of ADA Compliance: Site Design and Coordinated Considerations ADA compliance, a federal and state legal mandate, places civil engineers at the forefront […]

Meet Brandon Hanna: Director of Landscape Architecture

Commercial Development Resources Brandon Hanna Director of Landscape Architecture Costa Mesa CA

Meet Brandon Hanna, the newest addition to Commercial Development Resources (CDR), bringing over 20 years of experience as a landscape architect. With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors and a passion for outdoor adventures, Brandon’s specialized expertise and experience promise to enhance CDR’s suite of services. CDR proudly introduces its newest team member, Brandon Hanna, […]

Commercial Development Resources (CDR) Adds Landscape Architecture to its Service Offerings and Welcomes Brandon Hanna to Lead the Effort

Commercial Development Resources Landscape Architecture Costa Mesa CA

CDR announces a new division of landscape architecture services, complementing its civil engineering expertise. With the addition of seasoned professional Brandon Hanna, with more than 20 years of experience and a unique fit for the firm’s clientele, this strategic move provides a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to project development. Costa Mesa, CA – February […]

Beyond Projects: Elevating Success in Civil Engineering Through Serving Our Communities

Community Outreach at Commercial Development Resources in Costa Mesa, CA

In the world of civil engineering, where structures and infrastructures often take center stage, there is a growing awareness of the need to also build up our communities. Commercial Development Resources (CDR), a forward-thinking civil engineering firm, exemplifies this ethos by actively participating in community outreach initiatives. CDR’s commitment to building communities extends beyond the […]

Woodland Hills Porsche: Outside the Box Solutions Overcome Unforeseen Site and Utility Obstacles

Commercial Development Resources Costa Mesa CA Woodland Hills Porsche Case Study

Woodland Hills Porsche: Outside the Box Solutions Overcome Unforeseen Site and Utility Obstacles In this case study, strategic collaborations and strong leadership highlight the adaptability and expertise of CDR’s civil engineering team. This Woodland Hills Porsche case study examines topographical intricacies, utility challenges, innovative stormwater solutions, and environmental sustainability goals, showcasing Commercial Development Resources’ tenacity […]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Luke Russell P.E.

CDR Commercial Development Resources Costa Mesa Luke Russell P.E.

Meet Luke Russell P.E. Discover the exceptional journey of Luke Russell P.E., CDR’s Stormwater Manager and Civil Design Engineer. Explore his vital role in shaping projects, his recent P.E. license achievement, and the significant impact he has made on challenging endeavors. Join us in celebrating Luke’s dedication, professional growth, and passion for engineering, as he […]

Building Bonds Beyond Blueprints – A Journey to Point Reyes

Commercial Development Resources Team Building Point Reyes Costa Mesa CA

Building Bonds Beyond Blueprints – A Journey To Point Reyes Join CDR on an exhilarating journey to Point Reyes, where hard work and camaraderie converge in their annual off-site team-building adventure. Team-building is an essential component of any successful company, fostering a sense of camaraderie, trust, and unity among employees. At Commercial Development Resources, they […]

Celebrating Commercial Development Resources’ Recent Growth and Team Expansion

Celebrating recent growth at Commercial Development Resources in Costa Mesa, CA

In an era of rapidly evolving industries, companies that stand out are those that can adapt, innovate, and thrive. Commercial Development Resources has exemplified this by continuing to showcase remarkable growth, especially over the last six months. Not only has CDR expanded its team with the addition of eight talented individuals, but it has also […]